"I love NOVA School, because it immerses highly capable, exceptionally motivated
middle school students like my daughter in a challenging, engaging and broad curriculum
with unique experiences to champion their development into future leaders, innovators and philanthropists."
-NOVA Class of '18 Parent 


Inspiring lifelong learning for a more compassionate, engaged world.


Since its founding as an independent middle school in 1992, NOVA School's challenging curriculum and uniquely personal environment have been positioning highly capable and exceptionally motivated students for lifelong success. Now in its third decade, NOVA continues to develop ethical and creative problem solvers who reflect the school’s mission elements of respect, responsibility and active participation by improving the world through their actions, ideas and dedication. 

 What Makes NOVA School Unique? 

A broad cross-discipline honors education exposing students to more critical subjects than other middle schools.

  • Whereas most middle schools no longer even offer foreign languages, visual arts, comprehensive music and inclusive athletics, NOVA School immerses students in these subjects and experiences in an effort to create well-rounded graduates capable of solving complex issues utilizing multiple perspectives.

Development of critical thinkers capable of succeeding on tests, as well as in real world academic, business, social and organizational life:

  • NOVA students learn math, science, language arts, history, geography, foreign language, technology, and many other subjects in ways that not only enable success on standardized tests, but more importantly, create understanding of how principles, equations, data, research, and advanced concepts are applied to find solutions across disciplines. 
  • Beyond achieving high scores on AP, SAT and other tests, NOVA students develop the skills, confidence, responsibility and ethics to position themselves for success wherever they go and whatever they choose to lead, innovate or solve throughout their lives.

Healthy and inspiring atmosphere for maximum learning:

  • A comprehensive Social & Emotional Health program integrates classes and activities to champion compassion, understanding, collaboration and essential life skills to position students for confidence, happiness and success now and in the future with school, work and life. 
  • Students at NOVA want to be here and are excited to learn, because in this middle school it is cool to be smart, creative, inclusive and to try new subjects and activities. 
  • This means NOVA’s stellar faculty and its network of the region’s prominent professionals can explore deeper discussions and more comp
  • lex subject matter. 
  • Since NOVA’s budget and mission aren’t tied to local, state or political whims, the curriculum is always evolving to stay relevant to students, the times and the necessity to successfully matriculate into any public or private high school environment.