NOVA 2012 038Web and wireless communications along with lower cost transportation have made the world a much smaller place. People are increasingly traveling to and doing business with non-English speaking individuals. In an era when most middle schools across the country have eliminated Foreign Language Departments, NOVA has expanded its.  


All students at NOVA take three years of Spanish with Anne "Maestra" Weldon. The course is taught twice each week in a comprehensive and very fun format. 

Students study Spanish vocabulary, writing and conversation using many creative means to catch their attention. Students are immersed in the foreign language in a manner that emphasizes an appreciation of Hispanic cultures, a proven method of improving context and ultimately better retention.

The Spanish curriculum also leverages the methodology of TPRS -- Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling.  Using entertaining content as the vehicle, students are able to greatly improve their comprehension.

NOVA students enter high school poised for success entering very successful in 2nd year Spanish if they choose to take it.  


NOVA students desiring to expand their language repertoire can take French with Anne "Maestra" Weldon as an elective. Utilizing the same successful approach as the Spanish program, French promotes comprehension in reading, writing and conversation.