historyNOVA’s History and Geography programs prepare students for a complex world where higher education, business economics, service opportunities and social networking reach far beyond country or continental borders. In all years students improve their research capabilities, note taking skills, ability to read and retain content; and interpret statistics and charts. Most importantly, students learn to understand and defend various perspectives, recognize bias and acquire the skills necessary to be informed, analytical citizens.


World Geography
Students in 6th grade study World Geography where the focus is on improving geographic literacy and the Five Themes of Geography: Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, Movement and Region. This class also includes cultural study and current events around the world. Mr. Gacek's fun and engaging curriculum leverages approaches ranging from map making and creative research papers to the very popular "Gacek Bowl" team trivia contests.


Advanced World History, U.S. and Washington State History
The 7th and 8th grades work as teams, focusing on World History starting from the origins of humans one year and exploring in the alternate year U.S. and Washington State History, which achieves credit for state requirements for Washington history. Mr. Sieling's very
 interactive environment promotes deeper understanding of historical events, movements and themes through stimulating in-class debate. Students expand their understanding of societal change and learn about the elements that continue to serve as catalysts for progress. Core to the course are projects and research that help students become informed and engaged citizens capable of learning from the past to address creative solutions to complex issues now and in the future.