qlaPersonal expression, literary experiences, and a strong foundation in academic reading and writing skills are woven together to create a Language Arts program that allows students to be themselves and to extend their skill sets in preparation for life in and beyond their academic futures. College applications, cover letters, novels, court arguments, biographies, research materials, congressional bills, doctoral dissertations, journalism, keynote speeches…NOVA School graduates go on to create, read and perform in so many venues. To properly prepare young communicators, the Language Arts program develops within students a well-balanced, thorough background in the four strands of literacy: writing, reading, speaking, and listening.

Students are asked to read for both enjoyment and content. A wide variety of novels, short stories, plays, essays, and poetry weave in and out of the curriculum. A heavy emphasis is placed on solid proficiency in the entire writing process - from idea formation to publication. Students learn to write for a wide variety of purposes and audiences, allowing the development of their own voice. Individual projects, classroom discussions, and oral presentations are common requirements starting with the curriculum for 6th graders. As the students mature within the advanced program for 7th and 8th graders, expectations for in-depth thinking, personal reflection, and higher quality work increases.