FBConcertsNOVA School offers a wonderful Music Program with multiple options allowing all types of musicians to explore various musical styles, improve on their instruments and experience the excitement of performing live for audiences. 

NOVA's Choir, String Ensembles and 22nd Street Jazz Band are featured in two concerts held at the school throughout the year. In addition, the groups perform at a number of other events held at the school and around the region. 



NOVA offers Chorus as both an enrichment elective and an after-school program to any aspiring singer in the student body. Led by Ms. Grady, a professional musician with 50-plus recordings and nearly two decades of international touring and performing, the Choir learns advanced harmony techniques while performing songs representing the interests of its members.



Also led by Ms. Grady, the NOVA String Ensembles are a fun opportunity for students who are already playing stringed instruments. Music students improve their skills playing and performing together, encouraging them to continue with their instrument throughout the middle school years.

NOVA’s String Ensemble enjoys playing styles from a variety of time periods from Renaissance to modern.


The 22nd Street Ave Band is an ensemble band experience for students playing jazz and fusion wind, percussion bass, guitar and other similar instruments. Taught by Grammy-winning professional brass player Mr. Hooker, the 22nd Ave Jazz Band takes on a myriad of styles and songs ranging from Traditional Jazz to Modern Techno Rock. 


NOVA Songwriting exposes students to the fundamentals of song creation in many genres.  Students develop and transform their own creative ideas into compositions utilizing acoustic and electric instrumentation, vocals and digital recording technology.