A primary strength of NOVA School is its Enrichment Program. The Enrichment Program operates like an educational buffet for students to select elective classes best fitting their specific interests. Providing a student with a voice in class choice leads to empowerment and enthusiasm.  

The Enrichment Program promotes engagement, variety and opportunity to investigate interests through enjoyable, challenging, and interest-based coursework. With Enrichment classes targeted toward building skill sets for life, students are able to exercise a wide variety of thinking modes, such as inductive, deductive, metacognition, empathy, compassion, and visual thinking.  

Of course, to ensure a healthy diet to develop children into well rounded adults, NOVA requires students take specific numbers of units in a different disciplines.

Classes in any given term reflect current interests and help to maintain relevance in a rapidly changing world.

Popular Enrichment classes include:Robotics, Songwriting, Roosevelt Elementary School Classroom Teaching, Debate, International Healthy Cooking, Ethics, Spanish Reading and Storytelling, Journalism, Audio Production, Choir, Photo Editing, Drama, Bike Building and Safety, Spoken Word Poetry, Geography Bee Prep, Successful Study Habits, Open Reading and Open Writing, Videogame Design, and the list goes on...

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