pesA “scholar athlete” is not a rarity and just doesn't begin in high school or college. NOVA has many very talented, competitive athletes in our midst: soccer players, swimmers, tennis players, baseball players, competitive bike riders, basketball players, rowers, equestrian riders... you name it, they’re here. There are also some students entering the school who have never liked PE and have actively avoided any kind of organized sport.

Our PE and extra curricular sports program melds these two groups together into a supportive whole, offering more curriculum and after-school athletic activity options than most other middle schools.

PE Classes are taken all three years at NOVA. Activities are varied, but every game is designed to build the leadership and sportsmanship skills of the talented athletes and to build the enjoyment and confidence of those less physically inclined. It's truly a joy to see children working together, encouraging each other, solving group game arguments without referee/adult intervention.

During the winter trimester, the PE program moves off-site, allowing students to pick recreational sports opportunities around the community. While the choices depend on availability and student interest, recent off-site PE classes include: rock climbing, bowling, tennis/racquetball, volleyball, Zumba, partner dancing, swimming, and golf.


soccerAfter-School Inclusive-Competitive Team Sports activities add to the mix, giving students a broad base of recreational sports opportunities to choose from, playing on NOVA teams with their friends. Unlike most middle schools, NOVA teams do not “cut” players, allowing students to try sports for the first time. Teams often compete in the area YMCA leagues – usually very successfully. Beyond the athletic skills and leadership building experiences, many new friendships are formed participating in the various teams, including: basketball, soccer, cross country, and volleyball.