Camp Colman 028NOVA's Social and Emotional Health ("SoEmo") program reflects our commitment to a healthy middle school experience that works in cooperation with families to facilitate happy, confident, aware students. A vital piece of NOVA's culture of communication and collaboration, Social and Emotional Health uses weekly discussion and activity groups to explore issues that are important to young adolescents in their time of great changes and growth. Social and Emotional Health helps students through not only their middle school years, but also their whole lives by helping to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their own thoughts and feelings, and creation of a host of concrete skills to help them with everything from interpersonal relationships to navigating life's transitions.

Students have the opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings and understandings in a safe and trusting environment. Students receive guidance on many important topics, helping them foster emotional well-being and empowering themselves to problem-solve challenges, both in and outside of school.

Social and Emotional Health classes help students consider and create their own positive school climate.Students also have the opportunity to build understanding and trust with all members of our community through this unique, innovative and important personal and team development curriculum. 

Often cited by NOVA School alumni as a very memorable and positive program, we are proud of how it has developed into such an integral piece of the NOVA experience.


Sixth Grade Social and Emotional Curriculum

Mo and Mr. Gacek lead the whole sixth grade through Social and Emotional programs focusing on the complex year of transition following elementary school. Exercises allow students to gain a better understanding of how individuals fit into a community, like that of a middle school. Strategies are explored to approach new academic, social and family expectations and challenges.

NOVA’s Sixth Grade Social and Emotional curriculum is designed specifically to be flexible, allowing teachers to proactively discuss popular and emerging topics, such as social media trends, school happenings and current events.  The discussion approach helps students learn how to succeed in groups, while building the skills and confidence to build healthy foundational leadership and teamwork traits that can be further enhanced in the Advanced Social and Emotional program years.


Seventh and Eighth Grade Advanced Social and Emotional Curriculum

Led by Eric "Flem" Fleming, an NBPTS National Certification-accredited teacher, the Advanced Social and Emotional curriculum builds upon the Sixth Grade program by focusing on understanding and loving the self. Students explore using these realizations in relation to navigating the challenges of the teen years and developing skills and habits to help enable happiness and heath throughout life. A primary goal of the Advanced curriculum is to help students recognize and use their own power as a positive force in their lives and the lives of others.

NOVA is proud to partner with Planned Parenthood to teach an annual, comprehensive Sexual Health Education program as a part of the Advanced Social Emotional curriculum.