NOVA School was founded in 1992 to fill the regional need for a middle school program to educate highly capable, motivated students.  The full and compelling story of NOVA’s founding is located on our Founder’s Page.  

Originally located in Lacey, WA, NOVA has been at its current location at 2020 22nd Ave SE since 2002. With additional space and faculty, the school has steadily grown from its initial size of 25 students to over 100 students.  NOVA earned its accreditation with the Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools (now the Northwest Association of Independent Schools) in 2000. 

Since its founding, NOVA School has continually evolved to best deliver the most innovative and effective academic and social educational experiences for middle school-aged children. With Barbara Mitchell Hutton joining as Head in 2013, the school has further benefitted from her years of first-hand experiences in educational and operational best-practices, as well as her unwavering commitment to the advancement of students and faculty serving highly capable, including gifted, students. 

As NOVA School reaches towards and past a quarter-century of education, it counts over 500 graduates serving around the world in a myriad of roles among them educators, innovators, employers, farmers, students, community leaders and volunteers, professionals, doctors, musicians, lawyers, politicians, artists, game-changers, and philanthropists…[all of whom share the bond of the NOVA.  


NOVA School Since 1992