scienceebolaEvery year NOVA School surveys student families to find out what the school does well, as well as what families might like see expanded, changed, added or improved. Here is a small sample of the statements from the recent surveys to show just how passionate families are about the value NOVA provides in championing the development of their future leaders, innovators, philanthropists and engaged citizens.

"One of the best investments a parent can make is in their child's education, and as a teacher and tutor who works in several districts' middle schools, I can still sigh with relief that NOVA was the best money we spent on our daughter's education."  

“Excellent and very committed teaching (and administrative) team which translates into a community of learning and respect. The curriculum is very engaging and there is a good additional focus on the social aspects of middle school/adolescent development. All of this has helped my child grow in confidence, ability and knowledge. I think it would do the same for other middle school kids.”

“The quality of education, the ability to offer the ARTS and PE along with Emotional and Social Health AND all the core course work...plus all the teachers are really cool and fun and make it a place of learning where the kids WANT to work hard.”

“(I appreciate) the individualized focus on the unique needs and interests of each student, and the ways in which teachers challenge students to become more self aware and responsible for their own academic and social learning.”

"NOVA does the best job at nurturing young middle schoolers that I have ever seen or imagined."

“The extremely dedicated faculty and their personalized care for each student is the greatest quality of the school. It makes all the difference that each person is taken in and addressed on her or his own terms. The second thing I appreciate is the constant professional development and rigorous self-reflection among the faculty and staff. Nova never takes itself for granted. Very important and refreshing.”

“The level of personal attention from faculty has been critical for my child's success at Nova. I can't imagine getting such involvement anywhere else. This level of care has created a strong sense of capacity and self-esteem in my child.”

“I am incredibly impressed with the teachers progress reports. They are in depth, detailed,encouraging and supportive to the students learning and parents interest in their students learning. Amazing. Quality all the way around.”

“Nova is the most welcoming and encouraging school I have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Thank you!!”

“The most thorough progress reports I've had about my child - actually felt like the teachers were really paying attention to my child and his progress.”

“What a wonderful place that encourages learning, social awareness and growth.”

“Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers and staff who have made Nova such a beautiful place for my daughter to grow.”

“I appreciate that the staff all seem to know all the students, and care about their progress. I also appreciate the staff giving such thorough progress reports and conferences. I also appreciate the school's focus on the whole child, emotionally as well as academically (especially nice during the middle school years).”

“Teachers' passion for their content and their knowledge of each individual student makes the school special.”

“We are very very happy with our son's middle school education at NOVA. THANK YOU ALL!!!!! We love you all!!!!!”

“I have and will in the future recommend NOVA to another family. I think it is a great place for advanced students to be challenged in a safe environment where everyone is rooting for them to achieve to the best of their abilities - not something always available at other schools.”

“We have been so pleased at the positive changes in our student's attitude toward school since moving to Nova. The self confidence that has come from the encouragement and guidance of the staff has been worth every penny of tuition!”

“Simply put, Nova is a unique, engaging, safe place for students to grow academically, learn who they are and find pride in their individual abilities. Thank you all so much for the past 3 years!!”