NOVA School serves highly capable middle school students by offering a challenging and engaging curriculum in a uniquely personal environment. NOVA guides the social and emotional development of each student emphasizing respect, responsibility, and active participation in a supportive community. 


Finding the right match between prospective students and NOVA is an art. Whether your child is exceptionally motivated and a high achiever across multiple disciplinesneeds deep engagement to be motivated to participate fully, is packed with creative thought and perspective, has a few wrinkles in organization or social interaction, grasps concepts but struggles with details, is a fast learner, takes time to reflect before integrating learning or some combination of all these descriptors, we invite you to participate in NOVA’s admission process.

As a complex community of learners with different styles, needs, passions, and possibilities, NOVA looks for the curious learner who thrives in a flexible yet rigorous academic environment and exhibits a strong academic history, strong achievement, high intellectual potential, and the willingness to work to his or her potential. Every student is immersed in a deep and broad curriculum loaded with unique experiences to champion their development into future leaders, innovators, collaborators and engaged citizens.




The process starts with learning about NOVA School. The About NOVA School menu section of this web site provides an overview of courses, activities and the world-class faculty and staff, as well the fundamental mission and vision core to providing the area’s best middle school education and experience.

Familes are strongly encouraged to attend one of NOVA School's Prospective Family Night events, which provides an opportunity for adults to learn more detail about the school, its programs and the admissions process.  



Next, famlies schedule the child's NOVA Visit to experience what it’s like to be a student here.



Finally, the family should Apply. Families should download and submit an application packet and schedule the child to participate in NOVA Admissions testing. Please read the Admissions Calendar for testing and application due dates.


NOVA School Diversity Statement
NOVA School believes that a diverse school community is essential to education. We prepare our students to understand, thrive in, and contribute to an increasingly diverse yet interdependent society and world community. NOVA therefore values diversity in students, parents, faculty, staff, and board with respect to race, color, ethnic and cultural background, religion, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, opinions,and life experiences. To make NOVA accessible to a diverse population, the school strives to remove barriers to diversity. To create community within such diversity, NOVA teaches and models respect, inclusiveness, and acceptance of human differences.