ucbNOVA School is committed to providing financial assistance for students who have been offered admission, but are unable to pay the full tuition. In any given academic year, over one-third of NOVA families receive financial aid.

The financial aid application process allocates aid in a fair and equitable manner. Like with most independent schools, a NOVA education is a choice often requiring families to weigh the value of the experience versus the significant financial and life-style sacrifices to support it.  Although NOVA's funds are limited, our policies attempt to ensure that each family is subject to the same guidelines and procedures. All financial assistance is confidential, and all financial information supplied by families is held in strict confidence.  NOVA follows the guidelines established by the National Association of Independent Schools Principles of Good Practice for Financial Aid Administration.

Financial Aid Determination

NOVA uses FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) to help determine the contribution a family can make towards educational expenses. The FAST application requires families to submit a tax return. Families may also submit a letter requesting the amount of aid that they feel is needed for the upcoming school year. NOVA School uses the results from FAST as a guideline in allocating a family's aid award.

Annual Procedure

Families must apply for financial aid each year. The school’s financial aid procedures prioritize returning students receiving assistance the previous school year. Families previously paying full tuition finding a financial situation change that prevents payment of the full tuition for the following year may apply for financial aid with the same priority as other returning families who have received financial aid in the past.

Financial Aid applications must be submitted through FAST by March 3rd.

Financial Aid awards will be determined by Early April.

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