NOVA School students learn how math is about finding solutions to real-world problems.

Your investment in the Annual Fund helps NOVA meet its real-world challenges so we can champion the development of new generations of problem solvers


Linda “Mo” Manning knows that not all incoming NOVA School sixth graders love math. By the end of her Transition Math course, however, students know how fun math can be. By eighth grade, they understand math provides essential tools to empower their success as effective problem solvers.

Numbers, expressions and equations are much more meaningful in the context of real situations. This is why Mo’s students play games, run simulations and do application problems to apply math concepts to issues they not only see today, but also will see later in their personal and professional lives. Thanks to NOVA’s broad, challenging
curriculum, students leverage the skills honed in math, science, arts, social studies, language arts, social and emotional health and other disciplines to create and assess solutions from various viewpoints.In the real world, life is more than numbers, grammar, scientific laws, country names or artistic technique; it’s about discovering how this all translates into decision making and exhibiting the leadership, ethics and creativity to be part of a responsible solution.

Mo’s Transition Math class isn’t easy, but neither is finding solutions to life’s real challenges. Every year NOVA does difficult Annual Fund Math. We have the heart and the hands, but we need the money to increase diversity through funding financial aid, enrich learning via additional programs and enhance our community with
improved facilities.

Your tax-deductible investment positively impacts generations of NOVA students and the communities they touch. You’ll be pleased with the rate of return. 

maggiejohnNOVA School Annual Fund Math

• Total financial aid awarded for 2014-2015= $250,900
• Cost of one full-needs tuition assistance= $14,350
• NOVA families = 106
• Contribution per family at 100% family participation in the Annual Fund to cover just a single student’s full-needs financial aid= $136
• NOVA students receiving financial aid: 42 out of 106 total = 40%

• Number of donors at last year’s median amount to cover just the $9,800 facilities rental portion of the Fall Camp Colman trip= 98

• Cost for a single pizza party: 106 students x 2 slices. Each $10 pizza has 8 slices = $270

• Cost to supply 1 iPad for every 2 NOVA students = $23,420

• National Association of Independent Schools reported median for “Middle School Annual Giving Per Family” = $897
• Additional amount for cutting-edge programs and financial aid if NOVA School received giving at the NAIS reported medians = $171,740

• Total cost for three years of offsite WinterPE based on 2014 numbers = $31,176

• NOVA School tuition of $14,352 as a percentage of the $20,840 NAIS national median for middle school tuition = 69%